We are crafting immersive game experiences!

Our first boss fight

The Steppers are hard at work at finishing the first phase of our boss fight for the demo. Meet the horrendous Colossus Crystal Crawler. It will have variety of attacks and a powerful damage, so Dahlia and Axo need to prepare with all the upgrades and boosts they can find in the demo to power through this epic battle. Will keep you posted after the second pass of the boss battle, stay tuned at X and TikTok.

New Dahlia design –
sleeker and more agile

We’ve completed a redesign of Dahlia’s character visuals. Now our main protagonist is way more dexterous, agile and cunning. We’ve discussed internally that to be inline with a more paladin-like culture of the Amary, we need to get her to be leaner, sleeker and panther-like. She looks way better now and all new animations are in our latest demo builds. Can’t way to show you guys Dahlia in action! Wishlist here

Additional media channel – TikTok

We’ve been neglecting some of our channels as we are deep in demo building phase with the team. Yet we want to share exciting updates we’ve been working on with everyone. We will be posting regularly on TikTok now, so please follow us there for latest news and updates for Dahlia and Axo’s adventures.TikTok

Launching social media channels.

Hi there, Steps’ fans, we just wanted to announce the launching of “Sweet Dreams, Dahlia” official Youtube channel, Twitter page, Discord server and Facebook page. As you know we might be a small studio of three, but will do our best to be as active as possible and be in touch with you whenever we can on the official social media channels. We are excited to meet you there and talk about Dahlia and her adventures. Let’s build a community for Dahlia and grow together as we are working on the game. Steps’ team will be posting about the gamedev, any concepts we are working on, all the bugs and glitches we are fighting while working with Unreal Engine 5 and of course all the goodies our art director Yasen is drawing each day. See you in the links.

The main character exploration.

Hi there to any fans of 2357 Steps, we are launching our first game’s official website. Anyone interested in it, please subscribe for all the exciting news and updates on our metroidvania gem
Sweet Dreams, Dahlia”.
Our art guru Yasen is exploring the main character Dahlia, trying to find a good balance between coolness, likeability and actual easy approach for smooth animation. Dahlia’s ally Axo is also going through dozens of iterations. We are testing its character and what Axo’s gameplay functions will be. Trying to quantify the added fun to the main storyline. We are super happy with the initial results for Dahlia as you can see from the screenshots.

There is a new star in the game dev sky.

We’ve established our indie game dev studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s called 2357 Steps and founded by Mihail Ilinov (engine), Yasen Stoilov (art) and Todor Velev (marketing). We’ve launched as an official company in October 2021. This is our company website and any future news with new games will be posted here. The team is already working on a metroidvania game called “Sweet Dreams, Dahlia”. We have plans to expand once we’ve released our first game.


2357 Steps Ltd. was founded in Fall 2021. We are the developers behind the upcoming 2D metroidvania Action-Adventure “Sweet Dreams, Dahlia” ®. The founders of the company consist of three passionate geeks - Yasen Stoilov, Mihail “Mike” Ilinov and Todor Velev, all of them raised in during the ages of early Pentium computers and the glory days of the Dial-Up Internet (or no internet, looking at you Todor). The studio is located in the beautiful and green city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our vision is to develop games that are highly enjoyable and fun to play. We aim to make extraordinary experiences with a focus on delivering an amazing story, gameplay, art and music. We want to create expertly crafted memorable worlds. Games with soul. We are building experiences from gamers to gamers with passion and discipline.


The team is built by seasoned developers and, adding to this our passion for games and our rich life experience, we believe it’s creating a fruitful environment for bold ideas, professionalism and agile decision making.

We believe that a small team of awesome people is the key to developing really good indie games. We love what we do, we love to work together and it’s fun even in the most challenging moments of game development.

Todor Velev

Todor is a not so young director who loves RPGs and snowboarding. He helps with narrative, sound, marketing and whatever else is needed.

Yasen Stoilov

Yasen is a concept artists with tons of work in the film industry, loves cRPGs, his girlfriend and their cat. He is the main art force behind our first game.

Mihail Ilinov

Mihail is a master coder, never backing down from unknown software. He loves to make music and have a recording studio where he jams with his friends.